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Author Topic: Upright Cabinet Project Codename (Overdue) , Time to get this done ...  (Read 332 times)

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  • I want to build my own arcade controls!
It has been over a year since I purchased a computer from a member on this site (Computer For Sale), and I think if I post the project , It will motivate me to get my dream arcade cabinet done. I have been inspired by so many of you on this site and I thank you for all of your help. Anyway here are the details.

The Computer I purchased


Upright cabinet
I5 CPU, 16 GB ram, 2 TB SSD , Windows 7 ,ATI Radeon 4350,
27" CRTy
Hyperspin, Groovymame
2 Player control panel, trackball, spinner,
IL Pushbuttons with LEDs
28" stretch LCD Marquee  (I hope)
Happ Mini coin door

These are the projects that inspired me the most . There are many other as well, But these guys have inspired me and helped me as well.
     blind_dado , This site has been where I go to almost daily for reference and inspiration on how to build my arcade cabinet. Robert has been a Huge help.
     chancekj         Flynns Arcade  Another huge inspiration, great help.
     markc74           Blip   
     Pauly                Ready Player One


This has been the biggest delay , It started as a Tron theme but I am not convinced I am going to keep it . The one problem I have is that Tron is a real game I think I want to create an original theme.  I may do a similar theme but make it more generic.


I want to play the classic arcade games that I remember playing as a kid , using a big CRT running, using buttons that have LED lights, trackball, and spinner. I would really like a LCD Marquee, this is a game changer, but I am not sure i can get it done.
I really like the layout and the Flash graphics in this Frontend. It has been very frustrating at times but I have it working nicely. I plan on running MAME, Daphne, Atari 2600, and 5200, Maybe Sega Genesis, But thats about it . I am not interested in playing Pinball, Playstation, Jaguar, WII, etc. Just the classics.
This has been tough , I started with a WG D9200 and after a few months , it failed. I bought a NOS Chassis and it turned out that the tube was bad. I then picked up a NOS WG D9800 , It is working well although it needs to be adjusted

Cabinet My Brother who is an expert woodworker is going to build the cabinet( I know, I should do it but this will get it done faster and better than I could do), I will then paint, drill holes , install artwork, and install all the components. 

Control Panel
Heavily inspired by blind_dado's Odyssey machine . I am not sure if I am going to have blue IL pushbuttons , or Clear IL pushbuttons so that the LEDS are not just blue but RGB . Another issue I need to decide soon.

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Looks like a good start.

How are you getting a 15hrz single from the PC to the CRT? I have wanted to do a build with a real CRT arcade monitor for years. Hopefully when I move back to the US.

From my reading I plan on use a {url=]jpac[/url] because it won't let a non 15hrz signal throw, protecting your monitor. It's Jamma for ease of use. 

Good luck
I have Dyslexia. Sorry for sometimes using bad grammar and or spelling. 
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Good start, now get it built! Lol


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